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Africa Tour 2017

group_shot_1000The Africa Tour will take place January 10th-31st, 2017. The Africa Tour will feature Drum & Dance Workshops in Burkina Faso with Salifou Kone. Salifou has been teaching the the culture and music traditions of his family to students nationwide for 15 years. Originally from Mali, he comes from the ancient Djeli (griot) music tradition of the Bwaba people, dating back to the Mali/Manding Empire.

A young master musician skilled in the art of Djembe, Dundun, Bala, and Kora, Salif has shared his talent around the world. As a teenager he toured throughout Africa and Europe with Maison des Juenes du Burkina Faso before becoming a Djembe soloist for the National Ballet of Burkina Faso. Salif has taught worldwide and maintained residencies in several universities. Join him for a true Djelia family experience!

salif_villageA special three week workshop visiting the people & places of Burkina Faso where West African music, dance and culture originated. Study and play with master drummers and dancers. Travel with Griot and master musician Salifou Kone to various artistic and cultural sites. Salifou Kone knows the region and the people and will lead the way in an experience of a lifetime!

Salifou was born into a Griot family. Griots are the oral library of history, culture and traditions passed down generation to generation through music and dance. To learn more about Salifou Kone please also visit: www.malimakone.com

Dunduns-019Participants will travel with Salifou Kone to his home town of Ouagadougou, and stay under the care of the Kone family. Students will receive three workshops a day for drums, Balafon, and dance in addition to trips to surrounding venues and communities such as the Mossi tribe, Dioula tribe, Fula tribe and other ethnic groups. Each community and ethnic group has its own cultural traditions and we will participate in their unique music, song and dance. Ouagadougou, the capital city of Burkina Faso, features the largest rock sculpture in the country. Salifou and his family will share traditional stories accompanied by Kora music on some nights. Participants will enjoy an end of workshop party with new friends and the Kone family!