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Salif Kone is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and teacher from the Griot (Djelia) tradition of West Africa. Griots have been historically known as the oral libraries, passing along the rich stories of African ancestry through music and song. Salifou has taught children and adults of all ages for fifteen years, helping some of his students to progress to become great players of African music. Salif’s teaching style promotes self-development, cultural awareness, and unity while building the foundation for understanding the roots and structure of African music. A young master musician skilled in the art of Djembe, Dundun, Bala, Kora, Ngoni and Tamani (Talking Drum), Salif has shared his talent around the world. As a teenager he toured throughout Africa and Europe with Maison des Juenes du Burkina Faso before becoming a djembe soloist for the National Ballet of Burkina Faso. Salif has taught worldwide and maintained residencies in several universities.

Private lessons offer students a chance to get deep insight into whatever aspect of African music that they are interested in. With private lessons, students get a chance to get feedback and information that is catered to their individual interests and journey through the music. African music is a deep world of stories, culture, technique, structure, and feeling that is best translated from a master of the craft who grew up living and breathing the music from birth. With hard work and dedication, students can progress quickly while having fun and learning about themselves.

Salifou Kone is available for private lessons for:

Tama (Talking Drum)
Bass Guitar
Drum Kit