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Salifou Malima Kone was born in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso into the renowned Kone family of West Africa. Throughout childhood, Salifou’s parents instilled in him a deep respect for their culture. Salifou and his family come from the ancient Jeli (griot) music tradition of the Bwaba people, dating back to the Mali/Manding Empire. Jeli have been historically known as the oral libraries, passing the rich stories of African ancestry generation to generation through song, music, and dance.

Salifou established Djelia Rhythms to bring the culture and musical traditions of his family to students and audiences nationwide. Djelia means “the way of the Jeli” and encompasses the scope of knowledge Salifou shares. Djelia Rhythms offers performance.

In 2006, Salifou founded the performance ensemble Ninkadi, which means “to be wonderful” in Bambara. Ninkadi provides a true Djelia family experience, complete with a full ensemble of musicians, dancers, and singers. The group presents the traditional songs and dances passed down through the generations for centuries. Complete with authentic traditional costumes and audience participation, the performance brings the sights, sounds, and flavor of Africa!

Salifou and Ninkadi are available for performances at corporate events, festivals, parties, schools/universities, ceremonies, etc