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Salifou Kone is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and teacher from the Griot (Djelia) tradition of West Africa. Griots have been historically known as the oral libraries, passing along the rich stories of African ancestry through music and song. He has been teaching adults of all ages for fifteen years in the United States, and established “Djelia Rhythms” to bring the culture and musical traditions of his family to students and audiences nationwide. Salifou’s teaching style promotes self-development, cultural awareness, and unity while building the foundation for music technique and musical expression. A young master musician skilled in the art of Djembe, Dundun, Bala, Kora,  Ngoni and Tamani (Talking Drum), Salifou has shared his talent around the world. As a teenager he toured throughout Africa and Europe with Maison des Juenes du Burkina Faso before becoming a djembe soloist for the National Ballet of burkina faso from 1995 to 1999 . Salif has maintained residencies in several universities around the world including Canada, Japan, France, and Germany.

Salifou Kone is availble for workshops and university residencies around the world.